C. Meyers Feldman & Company
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C. Meyers Feldman & Company ("Company") is a holding company for an operating independent property and casualty insurance agency also providing payroll and medical billing services. The Company intends to acquire additional agencies that have an operating history in providing at least one of these three services. The acquisition strategy has two objectives: growing revenues and improving operating margins by expanding acquired company services and reducing overall group expenses through economies of scale. The Company is planning to go public in the future via a reverse merger or Reg A+ Offering after validation of its acquisition strategy.

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5031 Cerromar Drive
Naples, FL 34112
State of NV
(May 21, 2018)
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(ends Jun 01, 2019)
Capital Raised:$0
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Remaining Time:39 days
Investor Discussion:
bubba jenkins
about 1 month ago

Going to be honest as I like investing in insurance companies and have never had the opportunity to get into one early. I am an accredited investor and usually look to put 10-25k into these investments. I have yet to lose money on one because I keep a pretty strict set of guidelines I follow. I have to see growth ability. I have to see a fair valuation. I have to think at some point there is an exit strategy. I have to think the company is being run right.
Looking at your financials there are a couple things that concern me. Why is there an auto expense of 33k a year in your financials? Why is there 9k in meals? Can you expand on the need for 13k in travel? I would also be interested in the 17k in computers, 11k in lease expense. 70k for rent? 21k for office is there three office locations? If so why would these not be consolidated to save money? 25k seems high for professional fees as well.
If you could just give me some general details on these and in depth in particular for the 25k for professional fees. My wife is a physician and does not pay that much.
I also see some dividends have been paid. Will that continue with these shares? Your probably slightly high on your valuation but not enough to be of issue to be for this offering if the expense questions can be answered.

Thanks for your answers

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